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Projecting the Real You and Values for Authentic Leadership – Exercise | Deliberate practice

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From the Post: Crafting Your Leadership Style: Projecting the Real You and Values for Authentic Leadership

Projecting a leadership style based on desired values and intentions is essential for cultivating authenticity, trust, and influence within organizations. By defining the attributes of their leadership style, crafting an authentic narrative, and consistently projecting their intentions and values through their actions and behaviors, leaders can inspire meaningful change and create a culture of excellence and innovation. 

Instead of trying to fit yourself into someone’s prescribed set of leadership skills or behaviors, try to gain a deep understanding of who you are as you see yourself.

First identify the attributes, values, and principles you wish to embody and communicate. This process involves introspection, reflection, and a deep understanding of one’s personal values, strengths, and areas for growth. Ask yourself questions like:

  • What values are most important to me as a leader?
  • How do I want to inspire and motivate others?
  • What effect do I want to have on my team and organization?
  • What behaviors and characteristics do I admire in other leaders?

By clarifying your intentions and aspirations, you can articulate a vision for your leadership style that is authentic, meaningful, and inspiring.

Once you start to identify your core values and aspirations, then you can start looking at skills and behaviors to enhance or augment your leadership style.

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