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From the Post: Leadership for the Right Reasons, If You are Going to do it do it Right

What is the number one reason that you are a leader?

The question of why one is a leader is deeply personal and can vary widely among individuals. However, the essence of effective leadership often lies in a leader’s ability to prioritize and focus on crucial behaviors that yield the greatest effect. In a world filled with countless demands and distractions, the need for clarity and purpose becomes paramount.

By identifying and concentrating on the top one or two reasons for assuming a leadership role, leaders can streamline their efforts and make a more significant impact. This focused approach allows leaders to avoid spreading themselves too thin, enabling them to channel their energy into behaviors that align with their core motivations.

In essence, the number one reason for being a leader should guide decision-making and actions. Whether driven by a passion for inspiring others, a commitment to a shared vision, or a desire to make a positive effect, honing in on these key motivations fosters authenticity and effectiveness. By dedicating time to self-reflection and prioritizing important aspects of leadership, individuals can cultivate a more purposeful and influential leadership style.

Sit down with your journal and list the reasons you are a leader or why you feel the need to lead people. Pick the top one or two reasons and begin to focus on those. Turn those behaviors into habits by improving them and practicing them over and over again. Make notes on what works and what could be improved. 

There is success when you hold yourself accountable. Find a peer or someone else who would like to work on leadership skills and do this together. It is a great way to begin to build a leadership group where you can support each other as you grow and cultivate your leadership skills.

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