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Accountability or Entitlement – Exercise | Deliberate practice

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From the Post: Accountability or Entitlement: Navigating Shifts in Workforce Dynamics

In the landscape of modern employment, a palpable shift has been observed. It’s a possible shift from the traditional culture of accountability to an emerging culture of entitlement. Where once pride in one’s work was paramount, there now seems to be a growing sentiment of “What can you give me to do my job?” This transition isn’t uniform across the workforce, as there are still individuals and organizations who uphold the values of accountability and take genuine pride in their work. However, the overarching trend suggests a movement towards demands rather than dedication.

Encouraging and maintaining accountability is not an easy road to travel and is often very tiering because you seem to be the only one practicing accountability. 

It seems that lately, the word accountability has become a four-letter word. It fosters feelings of negativity, lack of personal value, and the constant pressure of unreasonable goals and expectations. 

Numerous factors contribute to a decline in accountability The best place to start to understand where the level of accountability lies is within yourself. As leaders, we know that our staff will mirror our actions and attitudes because the thought is, if my boss is doing that then it’s okay that I do it too. 

Ask yourself this:

  • Define accountability and its significance in the workplace.
  • What do you feel the company owes you?
  • What can you do to support your organization so your organization can support you?
  • Where does the idea of entitlement come from? To be honest, we all feel entitled from time to time, and at what point did we lose the pride of accountability in ourselves

Take some time and list best practices for fostering a culture of accountability. What does accountability look like to you and your organization?

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