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I have spent decades being both a member of teams and leading teams. During those years, I have read many books, research papers, and blogs; earned advanced degrees in instructional design and educational leadership; and attended conferences and professional development training.
Keith Bennett - Owner of Leaderflip
“I have been highly successful as a leader and I have failed miserably as a leader.”

Keith Bennett, Founder

What I have learned

Absolute 1 – You must have a healthy realistic understanding of yourself, your skills, and your abilities.

Absolute 2 – Effective leadership requires life-long learning and deliberate practice of your knowledge, your skills, and your abilities.

Absolute 3 – As soon as you add people to anything, things become complicated.

Absolute 4 – We are under the impression that we have to make a concept, model or theory as difficult as possible for it to be worthwhile. We don’t.

Leaderflip is looking at everything differently

There is a plethora of leadership books, articles, consultants, and workshops on just about every aspect of personal and professional development. My intent is to assist you in applying this amazing knowledge to behaviors and skills you find most important for yourself, your staff, and your teams.

I will focus mainly on time-tested and evidence-based practices, and present ways to integrate these ideas into your daily leadership work. The types of behaviors we look for in personal development are specific, observable, and repeatable (not the ones you were sent to your room for because you misbehaved).

Each post is written like a lecture on a topic with homework which I call deliberate practice. I intend to challenge you to practice these concepts. The practice is designed to increase your awareness of your behaviors while you are doing your daily work without adding extra time to your day. You might find some interesting ideas for team-building as well.

I do suggest that you keep a journal. This is a great way to track your progress, identify crucial moments that interfere with your development in other words self-awareness, and spark new ideas.

The worst thing you can do as a leader is to assume you know everything. Don’t assume your perspective is the same as anyone else’s. If you want to know what your people want, think, or need, ask them.

I will assist with the how. Just ask them.

Our team

Keith Bennett - Owner of Leaderflip

Keith Bennett

Founder, Writer, Free-Range Leader, Lifelong Learner, Father

Jon Bennett

Web Developer, Lifelong Learner, Son

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